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公開招募 “ Paper Girls”一部Amazon的新電視連續劇的4個主要兒童角色. “Paper Girls”是同名漫畫系列的改編。 拍攝將於2021年3月開始 Erin Tieng-Character portrayed is a Chinese-American females, 11-14 to play 12 speaks Mandarin. Mall bangs and an eager smile. Her father passed away shortly after her family immigrated to American, forcing Erin to grow up fast. As the oldest child, she became the caretaker of her younger sister and her non-English speaking mother. Erin’s new paper route is her first opportunity to be like the other kids and have some fun and friends. When she unwittingly starts her first day on “Hell Day”. She gets more than she bargains for when she and her new friends stumble upon warning factions of time travelers and are taken to the future…SERIES REGULAR 中國人角色扮演Erin Tieng是一位華裔美國女性,以11-14歲演12歲會說普通話語。 有一個高高的米粉頭(mall bang) 和盛放的微笑。 她的家人移民到美國後不久,她的父親去世了,這迫使Erin快速成長。 作為最大的孩子,她成為了妹妹和非英語母親的看守人。Erin在一次遇到她的第一個機會能像其他孩子一樣,來一些有趣的及認識朋友。 當她不知不覺地開始了“Hell Day” 的第一天時,她和她的新朋友陰差陽錯的踏進了時空旅行者的警告範圍並被帶到未來時,她遇上了超出預期的…。 如果您有興趣,請在這註冊: Paper Girls Audition