Wenona Wenb, born: 2011

Weight 88lb
Height 4’10”
Shirt Size 10-12/ M
Pant Size 10-12/M

Dance, drum, piano, singing, acting, speech, broadcasting, modeling, computer coding, tennis,
swimming, skiing, snowboarding, drawing etc.

Dancing, singing, acting, broadcasting, biking, playing, playing computer (games and coding) , cooking
and baking, ice skating, snowboarding, etc.

Acting/Performance related experience表演的相關經驗

She had helped Chinese children to learn native English with voice-over in ABC mouse.com. She has
been on stage with different singers in concerts, and also earned all kinds of rewards in all kinds of
competitions and festivals. She also involved in a few movies and commercials, and recently being
voice actor in Corona virus cartoon and 2020 Census ad.

Acting/Performance related awards or titles 表演相關獎項/頭銜

12/2017-1/2018: she won 5 rewards during the “I dream space” international kids talent and modeling
contest; including 1st place of swimming suit, run-up for commercial, 3rd place for all runs, most
potential and the best presentation.

4/2018: She won the title Queen of “Miss Junior Taiwan World”.

11/2018 & 4/2019: She attended the IFSM fall/winter & spring/summer fashion show in LA.

4/2019: She was selected in to the live travel commercial “Travel for fun“, which was co-shot by California
travel bureau and Trip.com Group Ltd.

5/2019: She was selected to join the movie “The Speech.”

6/2019: Being as the youngest actress to perform in all -children musical “Once upon the first” in
Hollywood Fringe Festive.

6/2019: She won the 1st place for swimming suit modeling in Kids world competition in LA, so that she was able to attend the final in China on

8/2019. She won the silver for modeling and singing at the final
competition among 200 kids.

8/2019: She was invited by China television artists association-Youth education committee,
representing LA-USA to attend the Chinese Youth Culture and Art Carnival. She also won the champion
for her drum at musical competition; gold metal for modeling. She was invited to be one of the hosts in
the closing ceremony, and also invited to performed her solo drum as well.
After that, she was selected to join the youth educational movie “Saving the Earth “.

10/2019: She was selected into a commercial for health insurance open-enrollment.

11/2019: She presented UniStar as little reporter to interview Universal Studios.

12/2019: She finished her 1st MV “Santa Clause coming to town”.

12/2019: Gala compilation—- outstanding project reward.

4/2020: Cal tech computer competition—- 2nd place.

6/2020: Voice acting for “ Fight COVID-19” cartoon.

6-7/2020: Voice actor in 2020 Census propaganda radio play.

7/2020: ETTV youth broadcaster competitions, semi-final, then got invited to actually be a news announcer for the Youth News segment in prime time news

10/2020: winner in Meet Fresh 2020 Census drawing contest.

12/2020: Arcadia council PTA Reflection 1st place- Intermediate Dance Choreography.

3/2021 played a  major speaking role with interaction with the lead in 52Hz

2/2021: she joined short movie “52 Hz” in Los Angeles

7/2021: she was selected into dance group “A Minor” at Unistar, and finish their first MV in 8/2021. They were also invited to perform in the Asian Youth Center’s 32th Anniversary Celebration & Awards Ceremony at 10/22/2021.

10/2021: she joined movie “Going home” as the youngest actress.

11/2021: achieving 2nd place in the Pre-teens’ Group of Instrument Category during the “2021 4th Starlight Talent Competition” Los Angeles Regional Final.

12/2021: junior journalist in Hollywood charity events “The day of giving” and Christmas event “Grinchmas 2021”

12/2021: She as a member in the group of A Minor was invited to perform in a Skyline Christmas show, and Disney’s Garden walk opening ceremony and New Years Eve performance.

1/2022: Won 1st place prize in GameGala 2022 for her game, “Aesthetic Role play”