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Talent’s Full Name: Julie Mejer
Talent’s Gender: Female

Talent’s Birthday: Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Talent’s Current Age: 10
Weight: 37kg
Height: 148m
Shirt Size: 12
Pant Size: 12

Excellent improviser, communicator. Great musical lover plays sensational piano(can play without
notes for new piece). Plays bit violin too. Good acting, photo modeling.

Cooking, volleyball, self making interesting stuff, love everything beautiful and tendency to creat.

Acting/Performance related experience表演的相關經驗
Cakes of Eden; Gold Hunt Awesome bloss’em; Universal Studio; ABC mouse; Five points; HP.
Auditioned various as: kids say the darnest things, Hagen Das, Fliker scooter, Little big talks…

Acting/Performance related awards or titles 表演相關獎項/頭銜
Show stopper dance group top 3; ETTV kids anchor Chinese top 3.

Julie's Children's News at 7pm Prime Time News on ETTV 2/7/2021

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